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The Saving Lives Project Safe House

You Can Help Too


Funds generated will be used for the following:

• Fully furnished living space with multiple, shared bedrooms and shared common space kitchen, bathroom and living areas.
• Apartment items: kitchenware, appliances, couches, tables, etc.
• Ongoing regular disposable supplies and cleaning products.
• Provide partial and full scholarships for sober living.

• Safe House access for living.
• 6 beds with room to add more.
• 3 day maximum stay in order to make arrangements for next step.
• One staff member per 8 hour shift with 3 shifts per day.
• Availability of bedding, toiletries and food.
• Laundry Facilities.
• Phone and computer so an individual is able to communicate with EC and other recovery resources.
• Access to resources: Counseling, Treatment centers, IOP & Housing options.
• Narcan on hand in case of overdose.
• Transportation to the safe house.


Process for Entering the Safe House

Transportation will be provided to individuals who agree to enter the SAFE HOUSE, in order to make sure the individual arrives safely & to maintain the integrity of the location. Upon arriving at the SAFE HOUSE, individuals and their belongings will be searched. Emergency Contact (EC) will be notified the individual is in a safe location & provided contact information for the SAFE HOUSE (The individual must start making arrangements for their departure on the third day, no later than day 2). Whenever an individual departs, EC must be notified. Transportation back to the sober home or treatment options within city limits will be available

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Your Support is Urgently Needed

The Saving Lives Project is seeking immediate support for the Safe House via scholarships and staff additions to support the individuals that now have the final opportunity to pursue their sobriety having broken their contract at Sober Living Housing.

These individuals can move into the SAFE HOUSE. Funds generated shall be utilized for the following:‍

  • Funding an individual’s three-day living arrangement at a safe secure Chicago facility.

  • Supplies needed for cleaning and compliance at facility.

  • Hire on and train additional staff members in the following competencies:
    ▪ Search new arrivals belongings.
    ▪ Breathalyze arrivals under the influence of alcohol to make certain their levels aren’t dangerous, if so detox should be recommended or insisted upon.
    ▪ Engage verbally with new arrivals to see if any special attention is required.
    ▪ Supervise the individual to make sure they’re making the proper arrangements for upcoming departure.
    ▪ Order supplies.

The Safe House: Programs
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